What to Wear to the Airport

Functional but Fashionable while Traveling

We’ve all seen those celebrity photos at the airport. They always look fresh and chic, strutting in heels through the terminal. But that’s not always practical! The key is to wear loose, layer-able clothing that will get you through pesky security quickly and keep you cozy on the plane. Keep reading for tips on what to wear for comfortable travel! Trust me, these pointers work with any style.

5 Tips for Airport Wear

Everyone knows planes and airports can get COLD. Even if you’re traveling to a tropical paradise, your few hours aboard will be miserable if you don’t bundle up. Try layering oversized outerwear! Cardigans, pull-overs and coats are easy items to stack on or take off when it starts getting too warm. Balance out their loose shapes with either skinny jeans or leggings. I am loving this camel overcoat from TOPSHOP. It looks great over a simple turtleneck sweater! If that’s too heavy for your vacay, try a long cardigan. Layering oversized tops over fitted bottoms optimizes ultimate comfy and warm style.

Athleisure: sporty but stylish

Behold, the go-to for most traveling fashionistas – athleisure! Leggings remain controversial in the fashion world, but if Kendall Jenner can sport a leather pair, so can you! Throw on cute sweats or joggers, which are great if you’re late to your gate. Stretchy bottoms have the flexibility for an unexpected run through the terminal! Layer your top with a tee and hoodie to keep it casual. Or try a moto jacket to edge up your look with a cool graphic tee. Finish your outfit off with sneakers, like these sweet Adidas NMD’s. Make sure to wear a pair that is easy to slip off to help zip you through security. Athletic-wear is an airport obvious – it’s uber comfy and sporty-chic.


Casual: cool but cozy

Don’t believe in the “leggings as pants” idea?  Here are some tips without sacrificing comfort. Mom or boyfriend jeans: they’re effortless and have a looser fit than tight skinny jeans. Pair them with a simple tee or sweater cinched at the waist like Bella for a chic look. If it’s chilly, start layering! Stay warm by throwing on an overcoat or cool jacket like a green utility jacket or Chiara Ferragni’s leather moto. This look is about more fitted and balanced shapes that don’t compromise your comfort. Keep it casual with slim jeans and a tee under layer-able outerwear like Gigi in her grey blazer.

Shoes: easy styles

If you aren’t lucky enough to get Pre-Check, you’re going to need good shoes. Security can sometimes take hours and that means a ton of standing. Sneakers can be cool if you want to pull of the athleisure look. There are many styles to choose, from casual Converse to the crisp white Nikes below. If you’re going for a cleaner look, try ankle booties with a slight heel. Don’t go overboard! You’ll be doing a good amount of walking so keep it a couple inches! My favorite shoe solution right now: mules. They’re easy to slip on and off, comes in handy if you gotta take them off at security! You’ll see celebrities leaving the airport in heels – if you can swing it, go for it! But chunky booties and sneakers are the way to go – they’re easy to walk in while still nailing that airport-chic style.

Accessories: Keep it practical!

The holy trinity of accessories for airport travel: shades, scarves and light jewelry. You’re going to need sunglasses, and the bigger the better. You woke up early, didn’t have time for concealer – cover it up. We like this pair from Givenchy and YSL, below. Stay warm by adding a scarf or beanie. Not only will you stay cozy on the plane, but it doubles as a makeshift travel pillow if you aren’t rocking First Class (this time). Lastly, jewelry – sometimes, we just gotta have it. But security is a hassle and anything substantial on their scan will get you pulled aside. Wear light jewelry and, just in case, pieces that are easily removable! Nothing is worse than being late for your flight so minimal jewelry is always best.

Best Airport Outfits are Practical and Stylish

By now, if you haven’t picked it up, the key to comfortable travel is layering! Mix and match key pieces for optimal airport travel efficiency. From oversized outerwear to athleisure styles, there are so many ways to dress to impress at the airport. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes! The security line can be grueling and having sore feet is no way to start your trip.  Be prepared and remember these tips! Now that’s figured out, did you remember to pack your charger?


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