The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

How to Style for Fall Fashion

Introduced in the early 2000’s., the skinny jean was expected to be a trend but became a staple item quickly! You’ll find this slim-fitted pant in every fashion-conscious wardrobe. From summer to winter, they’re the basic bottom you need that works with any style. Keep reading for tips on how to wear them. We’ll be covering trendy and classic ways to style skinny jeans for the upcoming fall fashion.

3 Things to Look for in the Right Pair

  1. Balancing shapes: Jeans this skinny are best paired with looser fits. During fall, when we start breaking out our higher boots (like knee-highs) or warmer outwear, slouchy boots and more volume go best with a slim jean. Don’t go around town shapeless! Forego the tight-fitted tee and play around with oversized sweaters and long coats. Try layering both basics and exciting outerwear! You’ll look more put-together and effortless for fall. Check out Kendall Jenner’s layered street style – we dig the moto jacket and embellished booties! kendall skinny jeans
  2. Get it tailored: It’s been one too many times that we’ve seen skinny jeans bunched around the ankles. Ill-fitted lengths will mess up your whole outfit and make you look sloppy! Make sure to choose the pair that cuts off right above your ankles – a cuffed hem works, too. This can give off the illusion of longer legs by showing a bit of skin. If you wear an ankle boot, the hem will graze right above, so no awkward shoving will be necessary.
  3. More than denim: Try more than the typical blue denim wash! Skinny jeans come in so many colors and materials. From moto-inspired elements to patchwork styles, why not go for a pair with fun details? These add a bit of interest to your pants and can definitely up a simple outfit. If you’re the type to stick to fashion basics, this is an easy way to introduce a bit of adventure to your style without feeling like you threw the fashion rulebook out the window.

3 Skinny Jeans Outfit Ideas for Fall


Hate it or love it, athleisure is in and perfect for fall. Hoodies keep you warm – pretty useful once the summer sun’s gone! Pair the right ankle-length skinny jeans with some sporty sneakers. Try this pair from Adidas. If you’re feeling fashion forward, layer your hoodie under a puffy jacket, like Haley Baldwin in her army green number. We’re a fan of the red padded jacket by Calvin Klein, below. Skinny jeans are like leggings’ more polished friend! 

Everyday Casual

Casual is a different style for everyone. It could be a tee and sneakers or a pull-over and booties – both simple outfits paired with skinny jeans fit right in with fall. If you’re going as basic as possible, a graphic or printed tee adds a bit of intrigue. Layer it under a long overcoat (like HM’s trendy orange trench below) with a scarf and you’re Autumn-appropriate. For a bit more elegance, ditch the tee for an oversized sweater, like the grey one below. Cute details like tan ankle boots and a cute cadet cap ensure your ensemble is on-trend! 

Get Lifted

It’s time to drip your jean in finesse – with a heel. Depending on your outfit, the rules still apply: make sure you pants show your ankles! Cuff it up, wear a pair with zipper details or a side slit, any way to show ‘em off. Heels are a great way to elongate your legs. Choosing a pointed toe or a nude pair serves to lengthen your limbs even more. Don’t be afraid to strut around in bolder heel styles when wearing basic skinny jeans! If you pulled on an embellished pair of skinnies, like the ones below, go for solid colors to balance it out. Finish your look off with a long coat to be work-ready or chunky knit sweater with a French tuck to keep it casual.

Time to Style those Skinny Jeans for Fall

On any given day, skinny jeans are the go-to for everyone everywhere. From basic denim washes to pearled cuffs, you’ll find this slim pant in countless styles. Pair your skinny jeans right for fall! Make it sporty with oversized hoodies and sneakers if you like comfy or level it up with heeled shoes for flair. The chilly season is a call for layers, with overcoats and loose jackets – the skinny jean is the answer to balance out bigger shapes. Now, you’re ready to style your skinny jeans for fall with these useful ideas!

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