Back to School 2018: Start Your Year with a Fire First-Day ‘fit

Be Trend-Ready for Back to School Season

You had an amazing summer vacation. You woke up whenever, binge-watched Riverdale and slept super late. No textbooks, no classrooms, no teachers. Now, it’s almost over – what are you gonna wear?! With this style guide, your back to school outfits are gonna look so fresh your first day can’t come sooner!

Matching Sets - 1970's Style Looks (19)

5 Tips for a Great First Day Outfit

Matching sets: Take a clue from Clueless and go for the printed set!

If you’re feeling a little preppy, dress it up Cher Horowitz style and throw on a matching skirt set. Your brain may be stuck in vacation mode. But at least your outfit is yelling “AS IF!” It’s retro, it’s hip and it’s in season for fall. Play around with different prints, like bold animal prints or textures. Check out these matching sets below – the pant set from Urban Outfitters is hot! The skirt from Versace has us drooling.

Paired Plaid: So much plaid! Plaid skirts, plaid blazers, plaid on plaid.

No matter your style, you can incorporate this print into every day wear. If a plaid matching set is a bit too preppy for you, try adding a plaid blazer to a casual outfit. A plain or graphic tee with denim is as casual as it comes – instead try a printed plaid shirt for a bit of excitement! There will be warmer days so when pants just aren’t working out, cut it short. Plaid skorts, skirts and shorts up your ‘fit without trying! From cool girl to business woman in the making, expect this checkered print to be a staple in your wardrobe.

green plaid skirt with red and white sweater The Cool Girl: Balance textures and shapes.

Balance is key here! Slouchy denim jackets are great –they’re roomy and add some grit to a fitted getup. Lili Reinhart from Riverdale is owning this look. Wear a feminine button-up, tie it at your waist and throw on an edgy moto jacket! If it’s more of a tee shirt day, pair with loose bottoms. Effortless style is all about balancing “tight” and “loose” or “hard” and “soft” looks! Pullovers pair with slim pants. Fitted tops go with flared bottoms – try out wide leg trousers or thesetrendy paper bag pants from Zara. Stay comfortable, but keep it FASHION. And never forget the magic of… the French tuck. Instachic. If you’re feeling a little lazy but still want to look put-together, this style is the way to go.



Pants by Forever 21

Different denim: Add a twist to this everyday essential.

When you have no idea what to wear: jeans. Am I right? It’s time to change it up and squeeze in a little funk. The 70’s are back, so bust out the patchwork denim and distressed jackets. Try playful overalls like Donna Martin on 90210. Pair it with modern accessories for a fresh look with a retro feel. These jeans from EVIDNT are satisfying this trend perfectly! The best part about funky denim: it’s fun, it’s fashionable and goes with every style.


Back to school accessories: the right amount of EXTRA.

There are so many ways to insert some flair into your everyday. Since you’re going back to school (DUH!), opting for a backpack, like this one, is an easy way to switch things up. Forget backpacks for a second, how about a tote bag? Opting for a fun tote or book bag is a stylish and functional alternative to a pack if you feel like toting your books to school. Blair Waldorf knows what I’m talking about! You’re going to need to carry books, make it an excuse to get a cute bag.

Ready for your First Day – in Style

With all these back-to-school pointers, you’re now ready to step into the classroom. It’s easier to focus when you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing! You might not be walking into Riverdale High (bummer), but you’ll be running your school halls like Cheryl Blossom in no time. Good thing you have a tote bag that can keep up! Find inspiration from the 70’s in matching sets, funky denim and plaid prints. Maybe now you’ll have a bit of courage to talk to your crush. After all, your back-to-school outfit is on point, and it’s the perfect time for a fall fling.

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