UX/UI Project: Right 2 Bear – Firearms Safety & Education

ux/ui design project


This is an ongoing UX project for a firearms safety company based in Riverside, CA. The first phase of the project included redesigning the landing page. The second phase will be the rest of the site. 

user interviews | user flows | wireframing | prototyping | UX writer



The client wants their customers to have an informative experience when learning about the offered services. By building trust through their content, customers of all skill levels can register and efficiently sign-up for firearms safety/education courses. 
The current site is outdated and haphazardly thrown together. The current class schedule is one long, uncategorized list, adding to customer (and client) frustrations when trying to sign up. Also, the current interface is packed with content and widgets, creating a distracting, inefficient experience.
By keeping the users (the customers and the owners) in mind, implementing a minimal, dark UI, reorganizing the site navigation, and restructuring site content will give customers a smoother sign-up experience when they sign up for classes and digest essential information.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

I created lo-fi mockups for each existing section using a 12-column grid, keeping in mind good design principles, such as white space, visual hierarchy and color contrast. As a business, I understand the need to market and advertise their services/products, and created space for social media.

Final High-Fidelity Mockups

After a few iterations, the design’s dark UI balanced customers’ needs and the client’s expectations. A few touches such as a “back to top” button was added, since the home page was lengthy. Overall, this design introduced organization to all the essential information, making it more palatable for potential and current customers. The buttons and hover states indicated actions, and more padding all around was added to organize content.

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