Taste of Anaheim 2018: Review

What does Anaheim have to offer? Up until the Taste of Anaheim, I didn’t think much outside of Disneyland, but I was delighted by this tasting extravaganza!

The event was hosted by the GardenWalk, a rarely busy shopping plaza which makes it perfect for Yelp and other local events. The event was located right in the center, with the escalator for convenience and vendors were aplenty. There were so many vendors that it took the first and second floor! Lots of people attended so it was pretty crowded but it was nice that there were areas with high boy tables designated just for eating – I definitely welcomed this respite from the claustrophobia- inducing environment.

Despite the attendance, there were only 2-3 vendors that required a long wait time (Roscoe’s, Apple Bee’s and House of Blues). That was unexpected! My plus one and I were able to cruise from floor to floor, vendor to vendor without much of a wait, ’cause there were so many great options.

My favorites:

Towne Park Brew/Ballast Point/Golden Road – good beer makes me happy
Rainforest Cafe – curry sauce, shrimp hors d’oeuvre was tastty
Zov’s Anaheim – chicken kebab skewers. Juicy and well-marinated
Quest – thanks for the free protein bars! The birthday cake is a new favorite!
Pizza Press – huge slices of pizza, lucky me!
Northgate – so much ceviche!
Urbana – more ceviche!

If I had paid that $40-45 ticket price, I would deem this event as very WORTH IT, but luckily, I didn’t have to, so thanks, Yelp! On top of the samples, there were freebies, fun prizes and coupons for future visits. I left with a satisfied belly, and a slight buzz. I had a great time and can’t wait for the next one. Anaheim definitely has a lot to offer!

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