Caravelle – My Last Brunch in Barcelona

After a wonderful trip with my sister to Barcelona, we absolutely had to get one last amazing meal before leaving. Caravelle was the lucky winner… but we ended up being the winners.
We were seated within 10 minutes and it was prime brunch time. I noticed the crowd was a mix of tourists and locals, which was nice! Right off the bat, the staff was so friendly and very efficient.
Photo of Caravelle - Barcelona, Spain. Cortado, chai latte and apple juice
We started off with a cortado and a chai latte. (Since I was a little hungover, I also got an apple juice ’cause it makes me happy and not sad.) Both drinks were made very well and the coffee was strong – just the kick I needed that morning. For food, the small menu and delicious selections made it a bit difficult to choose! We finally ordered the full Spanglish, with two poached eggs and the rancheros. Both were an absolute treat.

Photo of Caravelle - Barcelona, Spain
Full Spanglish & Chorizo and Potato Rancheros

Full Spanglish – this is the way to go if you have a voracious appetite. It’s protein packed and salty, thrown (rather than assembled) onto a plate. But the best part? Those roasted tomatoes and miso mushrooms turned out to be the element that brought the whole dish together.

chorizo & potato rancheros – poached eggs over tostadas! Very refreshing with the pico salsa and light crema, and a nice portion. Also, it just looks pretty.

It was a great meal, and I felt satisfied knowing I had to leave for the airport to head home. Caravelle is such a lovely brunch spot with cute, welcoming decor. If you’re looking for a great brunch spot in Barcelona without breaking the bank, check them out. Come early to avoid the wait!


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