Flab to Fit: 5 x 5 x 5

No Crash Diets Here: Back into the Gym

Like I said in my previous post, starting my UX course will invite more routine into my life. One of the major changes will be my workout regimen. I didn’t think to document my weight goals until this morning, so, oops, Day 1 was yesterday. Today is gonna be a kick-ass Day 2!

In two weeks, September 17 marks the first day of my course. I started a bit early on the exercise portion of my goals for the next year. I think it’s going to be a great way to train my brain to get used to routine, commit to daily structure and stay motivated. Studying full-time will hurt, I know it, so I’m hoping to have exercise as my stress outlet. Some people paint. Hopefully, I’ll paint the gym floor with my sweat. 

What is 5 x 5 x 5? It’s something I just made up. It’s easy to remember and it looks sort of official.

5 lbs – my goal weight to lose

5 weeks – how long I got

5 days a week – how often I gotta get my butt in the gym

I’ve done weight loss competitions before (with coworkers and friends), so I know it’s not all about the scale. What’s more important is your body fat percentage. I’m currently at 21-22% (depending on the time of day) so I’m not overweight. I’m “normal”, surprisingly – how’s that for casual body dysmorphia, haha. But I do have that flab in those typical problem areas: inner thighs, arms and waist. If anything, it motivates me to stay fit and not settle.

5 Lbs in 5 Weeks

This is, by no means, unrealistic. My goal is to lose on average 1 pound per week. Nothing too intense, and more likely guaranteed to stay off as I continue exercising regularly. Those crash diets of 0 (zero) carbs for 30 days or eating from a list of “approved” foods work, sure, for just the amount of time you subscribe to it. But once you’re off, you gain it all back and then some. Yikes.

I already eat consistently healthy. Well-proportioned meals of carbs, protein and fats with the occasional treat (not “cheat” ’cause let’s make it positive) meal – hey, I’m human. I love noodles (shout out to Mama Lu’s in 626!) and really all carbs but I know it doesn’t quite agree with my thighs. Time to work out so I can pig out!

Day 1: Leg Day 9/4/18

Note: I’m using Kali Burns’ Slim and Sassy program as a guide. Since I’m just starting out again, her program is my source of inspiration of how I should structure my week.

My workout consists of high reps and sets. I’m aiming for fat loss and toning my body, not strength building yet.

Warm-up: 5 minutes of cycling – Level 8 resistance, at least 90 RPM

Hamstring curls: 5 sets of 15 – I don’t remember the weight, but maybe around 10-15 lbs? Did I mention I’m very weak?

Leg extensions: 5 sets of 15 – 20 lbs

Leg press: 5 sets of 20 – 40 lbs. I love doing these. I’m short (just under 5’4″) so I have to lean a bit forward in the seat to really target my glutes.

hip abductor machine: 5 sets of 15 – 90 lbs. Squeeeeze the butt.

squats: 3 sets of 15 – 65 lbs. Not gonna lie. I was spent after everything else so my form was a bit shoddy and my legs were shaking.

Romanian deadlifts: 5 sets of 15 – 65 lbs

Cool down: 10 minutes of cycling – Level 9 resistance, at least 85 RPM

Off I go for Day 2!

I shared my workout with my fitness friend. I know, that was a LOT of exercises to do in a span of an hour. But since the weight was low, my rest periods were pretty short.

Today, is Day 2 and it’s all about Upper Body! Arms, chest and back. Back muscles are one of my favorite things to work out so I’m pretty excited. It just turned noon so it’s almost time for me to head out.

If you have any tips and advice for me as an amateur gym-junkie, send me a message or leave a comment! There’s always something new for me to learn. If you’re also trying to get fit and healthy, follow me and let’s workout together. Thanks for reading!



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